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What is Launchpad?

Launchpad makes learning out-of-this-world fun. You earn badges, gain points, and ascend to new levels by completing interactive missions and quests.


Missions are tutorials that focus on a particular product, feature, or skill. Each mission gives you information and guides you through tasks so you can learn key concepts. Then you test your new knowledge to earn a badge.

Points Level
0-499 Recruit
500-1999 Trainee
2000-4999 Cadet
5000-9999 Explorer
10000-19999 Commander
20000-34999 Admiral
35000+ Fleet Admiral

Earn points, badges, and levels

When you complete a mission or quest, you earn a badge. Badges appear on your profile page.

And the rewards just keep coming: you’ll also earn points for doing things in Launchpad. For small activities, like watching a video, you’ll get some points. For more intensive activities, like finishing a mission, you’ll get more points. The more activities you do, the more points you’ll get. The more points you get, the higher your status level goes. This also appears on your profile page, you superstar.

Akamai Developer Trial

Take Akamai’s top products for a test drive with the free Akamai Developer Trial. You can try each product with full capabilities for 90 days, including Ion, Image Manager, mPulse, API Gateway, Cloudlets, NetStorage, and Enterprise Application Access.

Launchpad Labs

To get hands-on in your missions and quests more quickly, we’ve designed a unique lab environment for Launchpad. It instantly provides you with a Docker container that includes Akamai CLI, HTTPie, Akamai Sandbox configurations, and Akamai API libraries, all set up for you and ready for your missions and quests. Simply click a button to spin up your Launchpad Lab, and everything is right there, ready for take off.

SpaceWalk Tours

Instead of, the most boring site in the universe, Launchpad is backed by a stellar real-world sample app, SpaceWalk Tours. SpaceWalk which sells utterly implausible travel packages around the solar system. But, the site has a number of problems—from lagging performance to malicious bot traffic—that you’ll be asked to fix. You’ll solve those problems in your missions and quests.

Ready to start exploring?

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