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Secure Your Site Against Severe Threats

Learn about the most severe threats that face Internet applications and websites today. Then find out what you can do to defeat these threats, and how Akamai can help you protect your website. 30-45 min

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  • Self-Paced

Your mission

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit open community dedicated to web application security. Part of the OWASP charter is to provide free, unbiased, and practical information about application security. One of their most impactful documents is the OWASP Top 10, a list of the most common types of vulnerabilities seen in web applications. OWASP ranks the theats by severity level, and this mission focuses on the top five threats from that list, which are the most severe, and most common.

In this mission, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the top five security threats
  • Fix problems that are under your control
  • Determine which problems can be fixed by Akamai solutions

Who’s this course for?

Anyone interested in security can take this course. Administrators and developers can use the information in this course to help secure their applications and websites.

What do I need before I start?

This introductory mission has no prerequisites. However, a general knowledge of content delivery networks, Internet protocols, and technologies like SQL or the command line interface will help you understand some of the concepts.

How long will it take?

About 30-45 minutes.

This course is self-paced. You can do it in several 10-15 minute chunks over several days if you'd like, or you can do it all at once. There are no deadlines, and you can come back to review the material at any time.

What will I get?

You'll earn Akamai Launchpad points and a badge for completing this course.

  • SEC-101
  • 30-45 minutes
  • Anyone
  • Beginner