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Launch Your Developer Trial

Get a free, personal version of Akamai. You can onboard the website to Developer Trial and fix some of the problems. Or try out new products and features, and play around with complete freedom. 10-15 min

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  • Self-Paced

Your mission

Developer Trial is your own, personal version of Akamai, free for 90 days. This isn’t an upsell, and you won’t be contacted by a salesperson. This is an opportunity to explore Akamai products and features on your own, and interact with the lessons in Launchpad.

In this mission you’ll learn:

  • Where to get a free, personal version of Akamai
  • What products and features are in Developer Trial
  • How to get an extension when your 90 days is up

Who’s this course for?

Anyone who wants to use Akamai and learn in Launchpad.

What do I need before I start?

Nothing. You can start this mission right away. A corporate email address is required to register for a Developer Trial though.

How long will it take?

About 10-15 minutes.

Signing up for Developer Trial is really quick, but it may take up to an hour before you receive your login credentials.

What will I get?

Like any Launchpad mission, you'll get points and badges for this mission. More importantly, you'll get your own, free version of Akamai!

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  • 10-15 minutes
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