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Test Configurations with Sandbox

Sandbox makes it possible to test configuration changes in an isolated development environment, which reduces the risk of finding bugs after you deploy to staging. Now you can test configuration changes at light speed in your sandbox! 15-20 min

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  • Self-Paced


Your mission


SpaceWalk.Tours is a travel website for booking trips to outer space. You want to test some options for enhancing the site delivery without affecting your production site.

In this mission, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a sandbox
  • Modify content handling rules within the property configuration
  • Test site changes in an isolated development environment

Who’s this course for?


Developers who want to learn how to use Akamai Sandbox to test site changes locally.


What do I need before I start?


To complete this mission you'll need:

Note: The Launchpad lab environment has these things preconfigured for you. These links will help you set up your own system if you want to try the steps on your own.


How long will it take?

About 15-20 minutes.


This course is self-paced. There are no deadlines, and you can come back to review the material at any time.


What will I get?


If you successfully complete this mission, you’ll get the Test Configurations with Sandbox badge.

  • DEVOP-103
  • 20 minutes
  • Developer
  • Intermediate