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Akamai Launchpad helps you blast off with stratospheric skills and knowledge.

Just landed here for the first time? Click "how it works" at the top right for a quick overview of Launchpad.

If you're ready to roll: Launchpad is currently in tech preview, and we're glad you're here to participate. Simply choose a mission below and have fun!


Explore Ways to Onboard Your Site


This mission introduces you to the self service tools you can use to set your site up on Akamai's global content delivery network. If you're about to set up a new site, start here. 10-15 min

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Onboard Your Site with Property Manager


If you have a custom certificate for secure content, and you want to implement complex rules for content handling, you should use Property Manager to onboard your site. Learn how to create a new property and publish it to the staging network. 10-30 min

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Get Your API Credentials


In order to use Akamai APIs or the CLI, you need to set up a mechanism for authentication. In this mission you learn how to how to create an API client and configure credentials to access the APIs you need for Launchpad missions. 10-15 min

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